Erik Hollnagel

Ph.D., Professor, Professor Emeritus

A semi-chronological list of (good?) ideas that I have had the opportunity - or good luck - to work on and/or contribute to.

Cognitive Systems Engineering (with David D. Woods)

The NO View of "Human Error"

Goals-Means Task Analysis (GMTA)

Phenotypes and genotypes (of erroneous actions)

CREAM - Cognitive Reliability And Error Analysis Method

COCOM (Contextual Control Model)

ECOM (Extended Control Model)

Resilience Engineering (with David Woods and others)

The ETTO Principle

FRAM (the Functional Resonance Analysis Method)

  • The FRAM has its own web page here.
  • The FRAMily also has its own group on LinkedIn.

RAG (the Resilience Assessment Grid)

Resilient Health Care Net

  • The Resilient Health Care Net has its own web page here.
  • The Resilient Health Care Net also has its own group on LinkedIn.
  • And you might also want to look at the following books: Resilient Health Care, The Resilience of Everyday Clinical Work, and Reconciling Work-As-Imagine and Work-As-Done.

Safety-I and Safety-II

  • An introduction to Safety-I and Safety-II can be found here.
  • And of course in the book "Safety-I and Safety-II". You may also want to check the Safety Synthesis webpage.

Safety Synthesis

  • Safety Synthesis has its own web page here.



  • Still under development but should appear here soon as well as having its own webpage.

Half-baked ideas are a kind of memory dump. These are things that I have started to work on but then either suspended (usually because of lack of time) or given up, at least for the time being.

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